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Albums of the Year 2014 - Part 3

My countdown of my favourite albums of 2014 continues with numbers 10 - 6. Head here for part 1


“And this is the life of 2014 / Invisible cage of the MySpace age” - Cybiko

10 -Metallic Butterfly by Princess Nokia

Combining R’n’B, 90s dance, tribal chants and hip-hop, Metallic Butterfly is an album that’s not afraid to look back in order to show us a glimpse of the future. The reference points may be clear, but Princess Nokia sounds like no-one else - her cyber-focused music and lyrics sound as though they’re beamed in from the not-to-distant future.

Take for instance the gorgeous ‘Felicity Island’, a hazy track full of faint, fuzzy percussive sounds and soft choral sounds. Or try ‘Nokia’ a dreamy re-working of R’n’B that was accompanied by a video depicting Harlem in 2050. It’s interrupted by a sound from the past - the ringtone of a pre-2000s Nokia - further heightening the sense of temporal displacement that flows throughout Metallic Butterfly. At the front of all of this is Princess Nokia’s lyrics - sometimes sung, sometimes rapped. She tackles modern feminism, technology, her Puerto-Rican heritage, and even contributes a love song inspired by Game of Thrones.

in each and every one

9 - In Each And Every One by Polar Bear

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